Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Enough has been written on how to win girl matches. But the boykind of today faces an equally important and more difficult challenge. How to loose a girl? Specially if you didn't get the girl through deliberate effort, loosing a girl can be more difficult then you can imagine.

We have all been with girls who either 1) we thought we were dating and they didin't (more likely), or 2) they thought we were dating, and we didn't (less likely but possible). The first is not so much a challenge as ... what is there for a guy to loose? Self respect, huh! as if there is any to begin with.

But the second situation is tricky and often volatile. It is also a situation were getting out is more important for boys. Most boys think that since they didn't initiate the situation, it is not there responsibility to end it. Others are hesitant of ending it because they are too considerate or gentlemanly. The vast majority of guys who never end such settings is those who think that water is now over the head, and the more time is spent, the harder it is to get out.

This thought is wrong.

We have all tried to leave classes we didn't like in school. It is easier to leave the class early on or wait till sometime has past. Leaving in the middle is hardest when the discussion is free flowing and professor is watching. The same is true of saying over and out to a girl.

Empirical research has confirmed that yes the more time you spent with a girl the harder it is to end it. However, this is only true for the early phase of the bonding. The difficulty reaches a plateau, usually after 3-6months, when the guy and the girl don't feel the need to talk/text each other many times a day. This is when the comfort level is high. This is the time when the train is still moving, but it is slow, as it is expecting to arrive to a station soon.

For guys, this is high time to pack the bags and jump out of the train.

So if you are in a unwanted unneeded relationship (or whatever it is), don't be afraid. There is still hope. Soon your relationship train will slow down, soon the pace of discussion will be just one party talking, and this is when you say Larki: over and out"


  1. It has been a fact that if you do not know how to spice up your relation, the train does get slow and thats when a boy literally and desparately wants a change,,,yh a big change Writer good work :)

  2. experiences hav shown that a surprising text after all has been over, from that very larki, will somehow melt ur heart provided u were down at that moment .....and the very next moment, when u have figured out that the text was actually supposed to start that same old boring conversation, u find yourself cursing your desperation to reply .....


  3. End if your heart aint in it, Its like taking of the band-aid...the quicker the better. Its way better then leading a person on.

  4. MR FK (:P) theres a thing called blocking of number service and also buying a new sim :D geting of the train means getting off it and not leaving any baggage behind...

  5. she leads on, even if shes told not to.....

    lately i have been told that the womn brain does not perceive things like a normal person....sad but true!!